Truffle Risotto

August 08, 2015

Truffle Risotto


Truffle Risotto


200 g            Ferron Vialone Nano Risotto Rice

450 ml           Mushroom stock

1/2 Medium   Onion – peeled and chopped to a fine brunoise

4 tspn            Extra virgin olive oil

100 ml           White Wine

100 ml           Madeira

3                    Cloves garlic

1                    Bay leaf

3 Sprigs         Thyme

Salt – pinch to taste

100 g                Fresh truffles – half chopped, half sliced

100 g                unsalted butter

30 g                          fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano


Place a large flat-based saucepan over a medium heat.

Add the oil and onion, thyme, garlic and bay leaf. Season well with the salt and pepper. Sweat gently for about four minutes without colour until soft, transparent, aromatic and sweet.

Add the rice and move gently for about two minutes, with out any colour.

Pour in the wine & Madeira and gently cook until almost dry.

Now add about 100 ml of the stock and stir in gently with a wooden spoon.

Cook gently until the rice absorbs the stock, continue to add the stock in small batches until all the stock has been absorbed this should be about fifteen minutes cooking time since you first added the rice, keeping the heat at a constant medium to low.

Finish the risotto with chopped truffle, salt, butter and Parmesan.

Serve in warm bowls with the sliced truffle.

 Serves 4

Justin North  Centennial Hotel, Sydney

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