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Ordering Truffles

How long after I order are the truffles dispatched.

The truffles are express posted on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for capital cities for next day delivery, in most areas we can obtain overnight delivery. 


Can I have them sent to my work address or to a post office to collect?

If it is more convenient we can have the truffles delivered to your work address or to your nearest post office for collection.


How are the truffles packed for shipment?

The fresh Tasmanian truffles are packed in an insulated polystyrene box with ice cells to ensure cold safe transit and to optimise freshness.


How do I know when they are sent?

We will send you an email confirmation when we send your truffles.

You will also receive an email from Australia Post once the parcel is dispatched by email which will include and Australia Post tracking number.


How long do the truffles last for when they arrive?

Freshly harvested truffles will be at their very best for 6-8 days.

Best to eat the truffle fresh to really enjoy all the nuances and characteristics of the perfume and the flavour.


How is the best way to store the truffles?

Fresh truffles are alive, respiring and in need of fresh air to breathe. Best to store in a glass jar with some tissue paper in a refrigerator at 3-5 degrees Celsius.  Every day change the tissue paper and air the truffles for a few minutes.


Cooking with truffles

I have never eaten truffles before, what is a good way to try them for the first time?

There are many different ways to enjoy truffles.  Simple egg or cheese dishes are often the best way for first time truffle users.  Sometimes the simple dishes without too many competing flavours, allowing the characteristics of the truffle to reveal itself.


How much truffle do I need?

The amount of truffle per dish varies a lot on the type of dish. When we serve truffle at home in simple dishes we typically allow 4-5 grams per person.


What are the best ingredients to cook truffles with?

The truffles are very well matched with foods that are naturally high in fats such as butter, cream, lard and eggs. The use of butter to carry the flavour of the truffle is unsurpassed.


What are the ingredients to avoid when cooking with truffles?

Best to avoid strong acid foods with strong flavours which can over power the truffle, perfume and flavour.


Can I store the truffles with rice?

Yes the truffle can be stored in rice. Often truffles are stored in rice and the truffle imparts its flavour to the surrounding rice.  The most common rice varieties used for this are Arborio and Carnaroli rice, because the infused flavour lends itself so well to making risotto.  However, some people believe that this process, while producing delicious rice leeches flavour and moisture from the truffles reducing their quality.


Can I store them with eggs?

If you are going to try a truffle dish with eggs it is a good idea to store some truffle in a sealed glass jar with eggs in the fridge for 2 to 3 days before preparing the egg dish.

The truffle perfume will permeate the porous shell of the egg so that when you prepare your truffle egg dish the eggs will be wonderfully infused with the truffle perfume.


Do truffles go with seafood?

Truffles and seafood are a good match particularly scallops and crayfish where the sweet characteristics of the seafood is a perfect marriage with the sweetness of the truffle.


Do truffles go with sweet foods?

The answer is yes…and quite surprisingly so. Truffles are quite delicious in desserts particularly with custards, crème anglaise and ice-cream.


How is the best way to shave a truffle?

We find a truffle shave or micro plane is the best way to prepare the truffle. It allows the truffle to be cut or grated very finely and increases the surface area of the truffle.


Can I freeze the truffle?

Truffles can be frozen however the  truffle loses some of its flavour and nuances on freezing and then defrosting.  The truffle can be frozen and used some months later.

Our thoughts are to enjoy the truffles whilst they are fresh.


Can truffles be eaten raw?

The truffles can be eaten raw but cooking the truffle or serving over hot food allows the perfume and flavour to be released.



How do truffles grow?

The truffle is a subterranean fungus and is the fruiting body of the fungi tuber melanosporum which forms a symbiotic relationship with a host tree, typically an oak or a hazelnut tree.  The truffle initiates in the in the soil in the early summer then grows very slowly through the summer and early autumn months. Then in the late autumn it grows in size to reach its final size then the truffle starts to mature as the soil becomes cold reaching full maturity in the winter months.


What do truffles smell and taste like?

The most difficult question we have to answer!  It is a really personal opinion and very subjective. A little like trying to describe the taste of a wine…everyone’s opinions and taste is varied.

It is different for everyone. Some find the taste sweet, others savoury and earthy. 

To me the greatest characteristic of the truffle is its ability to impart its flavour on other foods it comes into contact with.


What is the difference between a really good truffle and an average truffle?

 The first indication of a good truffle is the perfume. A good truffle will have a perfume that fills the room.

The truffle should be clean of soil and firm to touch and heavy for its weight.

Best to avoid buying truffles before mid June as the early season truffles can be quite underwhelming in perfume and flavour.


What is the difference between a black truffle and a white truffle?

 The white truffle Tuber magnatum is a different species of truffle to the black truffle.

 It is only found in the Piedmont Tuscany regions of Italy. It is whitish brown colour with a smooth skin and inside of light colour with white veins. It is best served raw or thinly shaved over warm food such as pasta or eggs.


Are truffles vegan?

Dogs are involved in the harvest of the truffles and are rewarded with a treat when they discover the truffle. However it is rare that the dogs make contact with the truffle during the harvesting process.