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''We have been dealing with Duncan for close to 10 years now and have seen a lot of other Truffle producers products come through the restaurant, but the truffles we receive from Duncan at Perigord Truffles are always the best.''

Corey Costelloe - Executive Chef - Rockpool Bar & Grill - Sydney

 “Duncan Garvey’s truffles are consistently some of the finest i have tried, either here or in Europe! Size, aroma, texture are always spot on and any spec we ask, Duncan makes it happen. The fact you can hop online and have the freshest and most aromatic truffles on your doorstep in 24 hours is amazingly convenient too.


“Being from the north of Italy quality truffles were something that I missed when I came to Australia. Duncan’s truffles, in my opinion, are comparable, if not better than, most European truffles and I cannot wait for each season to start to be able to create dishes around this amazing product."

Alessandro Pavoni,



I never forget the first time I used one of Duncan’s truffles, I said now that’s what a truffle smells like", I hadn't thought this since I had left Europe several years before. Duncan’s eye for detail in assessing aroma, quality and flavour are amazing, for many years I have been using Perigord truffles of Tasmania and will continue to do so.


“It is wonderful from a chefs view to have access to such wonderful fresh Australian truffles, Duncan's truffles in my opinion have the most intense aroma and true depth of flavour than any other I have experienced locally.”

Justin North 

When it comes to truffles, freshness is everything. That's why I prefer those grown closest to our two restaurants Manfredi at Bells and Balla. These black winter truffles come from farms in the Southern Highlands around 90 minutes from Sydney. Their provenance, quality and freshness is exactly what I look for in our primary ingredients.

Stefano Manfredi



Home Cooks

I have eaten truffles in some of the finest dining restaurants in Europe during the Northern hemisphere winter. But nothing compares to the quality I of receive from Duncan through the last five winters the perfume is simply intoxicating and the overnight express post delivery is seamless

Richard, Paddington Sydney

The quality of truffles has been wonderful and the service and communication exceptional. I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone interested in such a fantastic culinary delight!

Ian & Carolyn, Cessnock NSW

When I buy truffles from Duncan they get delivered the following day after I order them. I get shivers in my back and my mouth starts watering as soon as I hold the container in my hand can't wait to open it and smell them. The perfume is exhilarating and soon is all over me. It's hard to explain such a perfume it almost moves throughout my kitchen. I just love them. The best truffles in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ana, Melbourne

“Thank you for a very well packaged and speedily delivered truffle. The quality of the truffle is exceptional; as good as I have had in France I would say. I sautéed scallops, salt, in light olive oil, deglazed with some sherry. Finely diced truffle was soaked in cream, to infuse flavour. The cream sauce was spooned onto a plate, sautéed scallops on top.”

Adam, Perth

The black truffles Duncan are always of the highest quality and service is amazing, Tasmania to Adelaide in 24 hours.

Frank, Adelaide

Every winter we buy fresh truffles from Perigord Truffles of Tasmania they are delivered overnight and arrive at our home the quality of the truffles is seriously good the perfume fills the whole kitchen the freshness of the flavour is amazing.

Bob, Brisbane