Truffle Custard

July 02, 2023

Truffle Custard

Discover a new way to enjoy truffles with our Truffle Custard recipe. The harmony of creamy custard and aromatic Tasmanian truffles offers a unique dessert experience that's hard to resist. Let's dive in!

Truffle custard

By Alexandra de Blas, 

4 egg yolks

1-2 teaspoons of corn flour

50 grams of castor sugar

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla

600 ml of cream (replace some with milk if you prefer)

5 grams of truffle in custard

1 or 2 grams for shaving on top

Trufflate the eggs in a glass jar in the fridge for two to three days.

Separate the eggs and yolks and grate a few gams of truffle into the yolks and set aside for a day. In a sealed container.

Dissolve corn flour in a small amount of cold water in a cup, add to eggs, sugar and vanilla and whisk until smooth.  Whisk in the cream and shave in one or two more grams of truffle.

Poor mixture into a double boiler and stir consistently until the custard thickens. Enjoy taking it slowly and be sure not to boil.

Shave additional truffle over custard before serving with your favourite fruits.

Let us know how your Truffle Custard turned out and don't forget to share your photos with us!