Our Story

Perigord Truffles of Tasmania was established in 1993 by Duncan Garvey.

Duncan has been working on developing the French truffle industry since 1993. In this time, he has critically reviewed the literature on truffles, made a number of trips to France to research truffles and conducted market research in Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom Duncan has had extensive experience in Agri-business.

After completing studies Duncan was employed as an agronomist. During his time as an agronomist, he developed new cropping opportunities for Tasmanian farmers and was instrumental in extending a number of innovative farm management practices.

“I am as passionate now about the truffles we produce as I was when we harvested Australia’s first truffle on June 18th 1999.”

“The scent of that truffle still lingers in my mind it was an overwhelming experience.”

“I felt so privileged to realise a dream, to pioneer and produce French truffles in Australia”

 Duncan Garvey

We now sell online direct into Singapore www.perigordtruffles.sg