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Australia's first truffleThe unearthing of a French black truffle in northern Tasmania on June 18th 1999 was the culmination of eight years work by Duncan Garvey and Peter Cooper who pioneered the French truffle industry in Australia. The discovery represented the attainment of a key goal in their efforts to establish a successful new industry in Australia.

Perigord Truffles of Tasmania was the first company in Australia to develop a French truffle industry. The site of the first truffle harvest is one of many sites which have produced French truffles.

Perigord is now producing French truffles tuber melanosporum in Tasmania and the cold areas of Victoria and NSW. Perigord has strengthened its position as the pre-eminent truffle company in Australia. We have achieved this by bringing together Australia's best people in the fields of truffle production, harvesting and gastronomy.

We deal with all aspects of the industry including tree inoculation, research and development, harvesting, truffle importing and marketing.

Our on going research and development and experience in advising truffle growers in South Eastern Australia ensures we can provide the best and most timely advice in producing the French Black truffle.

Find out more about buying trees, site selection, truffle soils, our consultancy service, finance,weed control, fencing design, pruning and irrigation.