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French truffle markets

French truffle markets

The traditional French truffle markets have remained the same for generations.The truffle markets are held through the winter months in many small towns and villages across the Perigord and Provence regions of Southern France. This is the first point of sale for the truffles and is a gathering of the truffle farmers, chefs, truffle buyers and truffle brokers who purchase truffles for the larger truffle companies.

The truffle sellers work out of the back of their cars and vans, and the crowds are mostly broken into small groups of sellers and the buyers from restaurants and other agents, negotiating prices and making deals.

The truffles at these markets are typically presented in plastic or hessian bags. The truffles are uncleaned and often covered in soil. All the negotiations are in cash with up to one tonne of truffles sold at the peak of the harvest in January.

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