Welcome To Perigord Truffles Of Tasmania – Perigord Truffles of Tasmania

Welcome To Perigord Truffles Of Tasmania

We produce and market the highest quality truffles in Australia.

I am as passionate now about the truffles we produce as I was when we harvested Australia’s first truffle on June 18th 1999. The scent of that truffle still lingers in my mind, it was an overwhelming experience. I felt so privileged to realise a dream, to pioneer and produce French truffles in Australia.

Now through our online store we can deliver to your home. We guarantee freshness to ensure enjoying our truffles is a memorable and unforgettable gourmet experience. In collaboration with Pepe Saya we produce Australia’s premium truffle butter.

For information on our fresh truffles, truffle butter and truffle products visit our online shop.

Duncan Garvey


Hunting for Truffle Butter from FOOD WINE DINE on Vimeo.

When you get two of this country’s finest producers come together with what is quite possibly the best ingredients produced in Australia, the result is serious magic! Pepe and Duncan's truffle butter is a work of art for those passionate about good honest flavour.

Warm crusty bread and good butter is the best comfort food in the world, a good slice of Duncan & Pepe's truffle butter will elevate to the next level.

Wholesome, warming Jerusalem artichoke soup finished with truffle butter is a must this winter!
Justin North

We also offer a range of Tasmanian products on www.tasmaniangourmetonline.com.au

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