Indicative Financial Return

The establishment costs of a trufferie will vary between situations depending on a number of considerations:

Establishment Costs

We have a farmer information package which details establishment costs and we can adjust the figures to be more indicative of each situation.

 Annual Maintenance

The maintenance of the trufferie after establishment is low compared to other horticultural crops. Prior to the commencement of truffle harvest the ongoing costs are weed control, irrigation and some limited pruning of the trees. The farmer information package details the ongoing maintenance costs.


Truffle Production

We suggest French truffle production will commence in year 5 after planting.

In many of the trufferies we are involved with truffle production has started in year 3 and year 4.

At the completion of the 2009 truffle harvest all 22 trufferies at 5 years established on the mainland (suggested year of first production) have produced French truffles.

With one exception they all produced at 4 years of age. Five plantings have produced at three years of age. One trufferie actually produced truffle at two years of age. The early production in NSW and Victoria is exceptional.

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