Tasmanian Truffle Pieces – Perigord Truffles of Tasmania

Tasmanian Truffle Pieces


The truffle harvest is finished for 2017

Tasmanian Truffles Small and Pieces

The Tasmanian Truffles are produced from the cold soils of Tasmania.

 The black truffles grown in our cold soils exhibit the sweet, earthy fragrance and savoury characteristics of the finest truffles from the Perigord and Provence departments of Southern France.

These are the smaller Tasmanian truffles and the truffles we have trimmed because some slight imperfections or scratches by the truffle dog during the truffle harvest.


During the harvest period we are harvesting daily and pride ourselves that we can have truffles delivered to their destination within 24 hours of harvest.

Minimum Weight 40 grams.

“Duncan Garvey’s truffles are consistently some of the finest I have tried, either here or in Europe! Size, aroma, texture are always spot on and any spec we ask, Duncan makes it happen. The fact you can hop online and have the freshest and most aromatic truffles on your doorstep in 24 hours is amazingly convenient too.”

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The truffles are packed in a polystyrene box with ice cells to ensure safe and cool transit.

Truffles are perishable so MUST be shipped to an address where the package can be received.

The fresh Tasmanian truffles are delivered through the Australia Post eParcel network which provides a complete tracking service from dispatch to delivery.

Tasmanian Black Truffles are produced in very cold soils.  The truffles exhibit the same sweet, earthy fragrance as the best truffles from  Southern France.


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